Compressor monitoring for

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Keep track of the performance of

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Compressor monitoring means less power consumption at your service stations

At EMD Service, our power reduction specialists have helped many of our clients to reduce their energy consumption by means of our compressor monitoring services. We use IoT sensors and smart meters that generate very valuable data about your compressors.

Our AI and IoT solutions can help you gain control over your compressors. The data stream from your compressors, including performance data and energy consumption, is filtered and analyzed by our experts to identify consumption patterns.

Our compressor monitoring software can visualize data in real time and notify you of any irregularities. This way, you can regulate power consumption and avoid time-consuming repairs. If your service stations use parallel rack refrigeration systems, we can easily monitor the performance of their shared gas compressor or parallel compressors.

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The benefits of compressor monitoring

Here are some of the advantages of choosing our compressor monitoring services to keep track of the performance of the air compressors at your service stations:


  • Predictive Maintenance: Our compressor monitoring services include the installation of IoT sensors, which help prevent unexpected downtime by providing access to compressor performance data. This allows for the early detection of technical faults in key components of compressors, such as the motor, belt, and oil barrel.


  • Status Overview: Our IoT devices enable remote monitoring of the operating status of the compressors at your service stations. This applies to compressors installed anywhere across the globe, reducing on-site maintenance time.


  • Energy Efficiency: IoT-connected air compressors deliver real-time data measurements, including the current status of their internal parts. This data can be used to analyze the energy consumption of compressed air at service stations, leading to significantly improved energy efficiency.


  • Performance Analysis: The data from the IoT sensors can be utilized to analyze the performance of compressors, assisting technical personnel in servicing and maintaining compressors. This ensures that air compressors always operate at peak performance.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Predictive maintenance can be significantly more cost-effective than a comparable preventive maintenance strategy. Our IoT performance sensors can catch issues that arise in-between regular maintenance checks, helping supervisors prevent major issues that regular checks wouldn’t have uncovered. For instance, a dirty condenser coil or fouled filters can be replaced immediately, avoiding costly repairs.


  • Improved Business Efficiency: Intelligent compressor monitoring and operation enabled by our IoT solutions can lead to more economical and efficient management of air compressors, reducing energy consumption and improving business efficiency.


  • Extended Equipment Lifespan: By identifying and addressing issues early, our IoT devices can help extend the lifespan of air compressors.


  • Safety Enhancement: Our monitoring sensors can alert operators to potential safety hazards, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.


These advantages make our IoT-based compressor monitoring an invaluable tool for oil companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and reach their Net-Zero targets.

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