Our service guarantees

Reduce energy usage

Of electricity and water

Reduce servicevisit

with 30%

Save 30 min. work


EMD Service´s system

Let you know if something is wrong

Keeps track of your CO2 consumptions

Experience shows that very few companies can declare that they have 100% control over their energy consumption on their service stations. We can do that for you – and in addition we can ensure you large energy savings and at the same time simplify your basis for preparing a CO2 account.

Return on investment

Our guarantee promise to you

It is a a big decision to invest in longterm energysaving systems.

By using experience from previous projects, we can easily provide you with an calculation on your return of investment.

Our services ensure that you save energy, money and time.

Automation is future!

Automation minimizes manual work and provides time for optimal customer service and a clean and neat service station.

By using EMD service, we can monitor and manage the entire usage of energy consumption within all indoor devices such as Cooling, heating, refrigerators, drink and food coolers and in addition to this you will have an 100% temperature log to present to the authorities.

You don´t have to think about these technical details yourself. This will give you and your employees time and freedom to give your customers the best experience at your service station.

We analyze errors and make sure that you save energy and can feel safe as well as have time for your customers.

Many years of experience monitoring service stations.

We can proudly say that we monitor hundreds of service stations in Scandinavia as customers and in addition several service stations abroad.


Servicestations in Denmark


Guarantee that we deliver what we promise

Book a meeting and see what you get for your money

Get in touch with us and let’s run a live presentation for you and your colleges.

We will also be happy to provide you with a ROI case for your network or to set up some pilot sites as reference to your present situation.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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At EMD Service, we try to create a greener and better tomorrow. We help service stations around the world improve their environmentally friendly profile and reduce wastage.

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