EMD Service has many years of experience with energy management at service stations

Inflation and high energy prices often prompt companies to find innovative solutions. That has been the case with us at EMD Service.

We are continuously developing monitoring systems in collaboration with responsible Scandinavian oil companies that seek full control over their processes and energy consumption.

Our energy management systems not only solve the tasks at hand, but also provide substantial savings in terms of energy usage and operation costs.

EMD Service – Your reliable technical partner

Unique software monitoring

We have gone to great lengths to develop our energy management system. We have also put our many years of experience to good use in order to design a very efficient software that can handle millions of data points every single minute.

Our solutions offer a seamless combination of IoT sensors and artificial intelligence. We integrate all your systems and devices into a secure wireless network to monitor their performance. Our energy management software features a real-time notification system that immediately reports any errors at service stations.

Every month, our software alerts our customers multiple times, saving them thousands of euros.

Experience, knowledge and deep understanding

We have a broad knowledge base and many years of experience in the oil industry. Our staff possesses great expertise in designing and developing technical solutions for alarm, lighting, ventilation, and oil separator systems.

Our computer programmers ensure our algorithm runs smoothly and efficiently. Our software engineers have deep knowledge and a solid understanding of the smallest details of service station systems.

They are, therefore, able to guide technicians during the installation, repair, or troubleshooting of systems at your service stations.

Achieve a green profile, while saving energy and money

At EMD Service, we help oil companies improve their environmentally friendly profile by reducing their carbon footprint.

Through detailed data collected on an online interface, we can instantly identify when a service station is not operating optimally.

Additionally, our system enables you to benchmark and compare energy consumption across different stations. This gives you a competitive advantage, as your service stations are consistently streamlined and error-free.