Want to achieve greener

Service Stations?

Start by reducing energy consumption

At EMD Service, we offer smart solutions for energy efficiency. We help our clients to achieve greener service stations by means of AI and IoT technology.

Our innovative solutions can help you lower energy consumption, cut operating costs, and reduce the carbon footprint of your service stations.

We integrate and automate your equipment and systems to closely monitor their performance. We optimize your water, energy, and gas usage with our energy management software. In turn, you get greener service stations.

So, if you want to run more sustainable service stations, we can help you reduce your energy consumption dramatically.

Achieve greener service stations

Your efforts to attain a green corporate profile go beyond enhancing your company’s reputation. Reducing the environmental impact of your service stations leads to significant savings.

With our help, you can make your service stations more energy-efficient by monitoring and managing their heating and cooling systems. This will result in operational savings over time.

Our IoT sensors collect real-time data on electricity, water, and gas usage. This data is transmitted to our servers. This enables us to monitor the consumption patterns at your service stations.

We can therefore identify opportunities for efficiency improvements. Our AI algorithms analyze this data and provide insights that save you money.

Solutions tailored to your needs

We tailor our solutions according to the needs of our clients. We have helped hundreds of service stations to achieve significant savings. We can do the same for your oil company.

We interconnect your equipment and devices to collect valuable data on your energy usage, including water, gas, and electricity. We monitor the temperature of your HVAC systems, freezers, beverage coolers, and refrigerators.

Our solutions always meet your specific needs. We ensure that your equipment operates at peak efficiency. When our system detects any deviations, we inform you so you can take action and save money.

The data we collect adds value because our AI algorithms can predict when your equipment and devices require maintenance.

Avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs

The IoT sensors installed on your equipment monitor not only temperature and consumption levels. They also detect anomalies and irregularities, such as overheating.

Our AI algorithms can predict when maintenance is required, preventing expensive breakdowns and time-consuming repairs. When you choose our energy management system, we can predict and prevent equipment failures or other issues. This allows for timely maintenance that prevents costly downtime.

As you can hear, predictive maintenance is an important feature of greener service stations. We can help your oil company achieve just that. Call us or request a free trial.

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When you contact us, we can talk about your needs and requirements. Our energy management specialists are always happy to discuss our automation solutions with you. We can transform your service stations into energy-efficient buildings where you have control.

You will discover that your savings far outweigh the upfront costs. For instance, if a car wash requires 14 IoT sensors, you can expect a return on investment within one year. Our IoT-based energy management system allows for remote control and automation of your equipment and devices, optimizing power usage without physical intervention.

We can provide you with a projection based on the size of your service stations and the existing equipment, without the need for an energy audit. Get in touch with us and hear how you can achieve substantial savings.