Electricity Management System

for Service Stations

Keep a close eye on the electricity consumption at your service stations

Decrease your power consumption with our electricity management system

Would you be interested in understanding the breakdown of your electricity bill? EMD Service offers oil companies an electricity management system powered by cutting-edge AI and IoT technology that provides a clear overview of electricity usage.

Our team comprises seasoned energy reduction experts with extensive experience in aiding oil companies in closely monitoring power consumption at their service stations. For instance, if you’re seeking greater control over your HVAC system, we can equip you with IoT sensors and smart meters for real-time electricity consumption measurement. Our electricity management system helps you regulate and manage the power usage at your service stations. You can book a free trial today.

If your oil company is more interested in monitoring the power usage of your refrigeration and cooling equipment, we can install smart meters that wirelessly transmit readings to our data center. We process and visualize the data stream, promptly alerting you to any irregularities. That provides you with a electricity management system that enables you to regulate the way your service stations use electricity. We also offer a free trial of this service.

The energy bills of your service stations are significantly influenced by the commercial kitchen equipment. Our electricity management system empowers you to take full charge of your equipment. We employ AI algorithms to extract valuable data from your catering equipment, enabling you to understand and adjust consumption patterns. You can also correct anomalies as they emerge. Request a free trial now!

Another crucial facet of our electricity management system involves overseeing the lighting systems at your service stations. We can enhance your power usage flexibility and configure your lighting to align with daylight and seasonal patterns. This approach has consistently saved our clients thousands of euros annually. Don’t hesitate to request a free trial today!

Your service station stands to benefit greatly from our electricity management system. If you are eager to start saving, book a free trial of the electricity management solution that aligns best with your requirements.

The advantages of our electricity management system

Our IoT-driven electricity management system offers a wide range of advantages to oil companies seeking precise control and regulation of power usage at their service stations. Here’s a short compilation of key benefits:

Real-time Consumption Data

Our IoT devices furnish current electricity consumption data, enabling real-time tracking and management of energy usage.

Cost Savings

By closely monitoring electricity usage, we pinpoint energy-wasting appliances or patterns. You receive immediate notifications of irregularities, allowing you to reduce energy expenses.

Energy Efficiency

Our electricity management system empowers your company to optimize energy utilization at service stations. This leads to more efficient equipment and device usage, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Limited Environmental Impact

Reduced energy consumption translates to a smaller carbon footprint. This aligns your company with eco-friendly initiatives, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. This can strengthen your brand and corporate reputation.

Predictive Maintenance

Opting for our electricity management system enables you to predict and prevent equipment failures or issues. Timely maintenance prevents costly downtime and repairs.

Data Analytics

We analyze data collected via IoT sensors to gain insights into usage patterns, enabling informed decisions about energy reduction.

Remote Monitoring

Our data center allows remote monitoring of commercial kitchens, freezing/cooling equipment, HVAC, and lighting systems. This minimizes the need for physical inspections and improves response times to outages or failures.

Peak Load Management

Our flexible electricity management algorithms effectively handle peak demand based on daylight and seasonal variations, potentially saving your company thousands of euros by avoiding costly infrastructure upgrades.


Our electricity management system detects abnormal electrical activity, such as surges or faults, promptly alerting your support team to potential safety hazards. This protects your company from potential property damage and accidents.

Customized Recommendations

Our platform offers personalized energy-saving tips and recommendations based on individual usage patterns.

Compliance and Reporting

Choosing our services aids your company in meeting energy efficiency and sustainability reporting requirements imposed by authorities. Preparing energy reports has never been easier.

Increased Awareness

Visualizing energy consumption data raises awareness among your members of staff, prompting them to take steps to reduce waste.

In sum, our IoT-based electricity management system has the potential to revolutionize how your service stations consume and manage electricity. Waste no more time. Request a free trial or contact us today to unlock these attractive benefits.