Smart Water Management System

for Car Washes

Gain full control over water consumption at your car washes

Cut down on water consumption with our smart water management system

At EMD Service, we help oil companies gain full control over the water consumption at their car washes. We use smart water meters to collect information about water usage. We equip your car washes with a digital dashboard where your staff can monitor water usage closely.

All the data is then transmitted wirelessly to an IoT edge device that controls and relays the dataflow to our data center. In case of anomalies or leaks, your service personnel receive a notification immediately. This enables them to take action and deal with the situation before it escalates, preventing expensive repairs and resulting in substantial savings.

Our clients have saved thousands of euros thanks to our smart water management system. Ready to optimize your water management? Request a free trial now!

The benefits of our smart water management system

Implementing our smart water management system offers many advantages for car wash facilities. Here are some of the key benefits your oil company will enjoy:

Water Consumption Efficiency

Keeping a watchful eye on water usage within your car washes helps us to identify opportunities to reduce consumption. This also minimizes your environmental footprint and enhances cost-effectiveness.

Early Warning System

Our water management system excels at detecting fluctuations in water consumption, providing early warnings of potential issues such as leaks.

Resource Management

By closely monitoring water levels, you can effectively manage your water resources, optimizing their utilization in your car wash operations.

Weather Adaptation

Our smart water management system provides greater flexibility because it can adapt to weather conditions. This feature allows the system to adjust water usage based on the prevailing weather conditions. For instance, during cold days, the system can intelligently adjust the temperature inside the car wash to optimize the washing process. It is a smart way to ensure that car wash facilities perform more efficiently.

Quality Control

Our smart water management system maintains consistent water temperature and pressure during the car washing process. This consistency not only improves the quality of the wash, ensuring that each vehicle is cleaned to the same high standard, but also enhances customer satisfaction.

Less downtime

The smart water management system monitors every component at the car wash facility, including its performance. So, it can predict when maintenance is needed. This form for predictive maintenance can reduce system downtime and prolong the life of the car wash system by maintaining optimal operation conditions.

Remote Control

The ability to remotely control the car wash facility allows operators to manage the system's performance from anywhere, at any time. This flexibility can lead to more efficient use of resources, as operators can make real-time adjustments based on the system's performance data. For instance, if the system detects a leak or unusually high-water usage, it can alert the operator who can then take immediate action, even if they are not on-site. This is a real game-changer in the car wash industry.

Informed Decision-Making Through Data

Access to precise and current data empowers oil companies to make well-informed choices regarding water management and sustainability objectives.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Numerous authorities have established specific water consumption limits for car wash facilities. Our monitoring system guarantees adherence to these regulations.

Optimal Infrastructure Maintenance

Our smart water management system not only enhances the performance of your car wash equipment but also extends its lifespan.

Economic Advantages

Through the proactive identification and resolution of inefficiencies, water monitoring can lead to cost savings for car wash businesses.


Another significant benefit of using our smart water management system is the ability to maintain high-quality standards while scaling the business. As the car wash facility grows, the system can easily adapt to handle increased water usage and waste management needs. This scalability ensures consistent water quality and efficient usage across all operations, regardless of the size or number of facilities.


Reducing the need for manual labor is another good reason to choose our smart water management system. The system automates the entire car wash process, from water flow and temperature control to water management. This automation not only streamlines operations but also minimizes human error, ensuring a consistent, high-quality wash every time. Furthermore, it allows staff to focus on other important aspects of the business, such as customer service and maintenance.

Competitive Advantage

Implementing our smart water management system provides a significant competitive advantage. This advanced system can help the facility stand out from competitors who do not use such technology. The system can intelligently monitor and control water usage, ensuring optimal efficiency and minimizing waste. In an increasingly eco-conscious market, this can attract customers who value environmental responsibility, thus enhancing the facility's reputation and customer base.

Our smart water management system can significantly contribute to advancing the sustainability objectives for your car wash operations. Secure a free trial or contact us today.