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Savings – Carwash

Get control – save money

Savings – Cool/freeze

Monitor temperature

Central Operation and Monitoring of Cool and Freeze

Cool/freeze – Plug in

The perfect solution for your fridge / freezer.
With EMD service’s solution you will not only monitor the temperature. We also monitor energy consumption and can thereby see the health condition of the furniture and take action before it is to late.

  • Save over 30% energy consumption
  • Credible temperature food safety
  • Benchmark energy consumption with similar furniture
  • Monitor compressor operating time and avoid breakdown
  • Easy and fast installation of monitoring equipment
  • Simple overview in one place

ROI ” A service station with 15 units, has an expected total ROI of 0.6-1.5 years.”


Why choose EMD Service?

  • Detect water leak immediately
  • Control the heat and avoid unnecessary energy consumption
  • Avoid frostbite of the machine
  • Discover the error before your customers
  • Easy and fast installation of monitoring equipment
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