EMD Service have many years of experience with energy management on service stations

Often, high prices create innovative solutions. This is how it is with us at EMD Service. 

Together with several responsible Scandinavian oil companies who all want full control of their energy consumption and control of their processes, we continuously are developing unique systems which in addition to solving the task, also provides great savings in both energy and operation.

​EMD Service – Your technical partner

Unique software monitoring

We have spent a lot of resources and many years of experience to make the best software system.
Our software handles millions of data every minute and uses artificial intelligence so the system quickly can alert if a fault has occurred at a station.

Every month, our software alerts our customers many times and saves them thousands of Euros.

Experience, knowledge and understanding

We have a broad knowledge and many years of experience in the oil industry. We have extensive knowledge of controlling technical systems from lighting, ventilation, alarms and oil separators.
We have experienced programmers who ensure our software runs as it should and we have experienced craftsmen who understand and know the smallest details at a service station and can understand and help the executing craftsmen who work at the service station.

Get a green profile and save both energy and money

Among other things, EMD Service helps oil companies improve their environmentally friendly profile by reducing wastage. Through detailed data collected on an online interface, we can instantly identify when the station is not operating optimally.
In addition, our system allows you to benchmark / compare stations as well as their energy consumption.

EMD Service

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​At EMD Service, we try to create a greener and better tomorrow. We help service stations around the world improve their environmentally friendly profile and reduce wastage. 

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